Shower Massager (WB-071)

1. Strong vibration for massaging

2. With 2 accessories: Towel pocket, 1pc & Sisal Pocket, 1pc

3. Towel part used for cleaning the body with shower gel and the sisal used for removing the dead skin 

4. Battery operated (not included)

*Packing details
-Packed in brown mail order box
-Measurement:48 x 39 x 24cm
-Gross Weight:8.0kgs
-Net Weight:7.2kgs

Bed Side Light Set of 2 (WB-072)

A sensor light which used next to the bed side, hotel room when you go traveling or next to the door and stairs.

- Operating voltage: DC 6V (Battery: AAA x 4, not included)
- Operating current: ≤100mA
- Standby current: ≤ 0.3mA
- Range of sensitivity: 4 meters max
- Sensor light on period: 25 +/- 5 seconds

*Packing details
-Packed in clamshell
-Measurement:41.5 x 24.5 x 38.5cm
-Gross Weight:3.6kgs
-Net Weight:3.0kgs

500ml Shaker (PL-0714)

A wine shaker with PP material. Capacity is 500ml and the scale is engraved on the bottle

*Packing details
-Packed in mail order box
-Measurement:48 x 26 x 37cm
-Gross Weight:n/akgs
-Net Weight:n/akgs

Ankle Support (P314)

1. Made of neoprene

2.  3mm thickness.

3. Sizes: S, M, L or XL available

4. Color: Blue or Black available


*Packing details
-Packed in clamshell
-Measurement:41.5 x 24.5 x 38.5cm
-Gross Weight:3.6kgs
-Net Weight:3.0kgs


Toe Rings 1

Toe Rings 2


Necklace & Bracelet



Mini Crystal Accessories

Mini Crystal Toe Rings, Bracelet & Necklace. Various pattern can be chosen.
















Gel Soft Steppers (Silicone Insole) [W-06983]

Gel insole to suit all foot types. Super-chock absorption to cushion the balls of your feet. Tapered edges for our comfort.

*Packing details
-Packed in blister
-Measurement:59.5 x 39.5 x 18.5cm
-Gross Weight:9.4kgs
-Net Weight:8.4kgs

Nudy Sandals

1. Lightweight

2. Silky-soft comfortable

3. Easy to use and slip resistant

4. Size: Small(24cm), Medium(26cm), Large(28cm)

*Packing details
-Packed in polybag
-Measurement:33 x 42 x 52cm
-Gross Weight:11.0kgs
-Net Weight:n/akgs

Safety Hammer (W-03681A)

1. For emergency used.

2. Its pointed steel hammer head will shatter an side or rear window in an instant.

*Packing details
-Packed in mail order box
-Measurement:38 x 20 x 35cm
-Gross Weight:10.0kgs
-Net Weight:9.0kgs

Silver Baby Collection Set (W-04083)

As a gift set for babies. The unit included 2 first tooth cups, 1 curl fork and 1 spoon.

*Packing details
-Packed in mail order box
-Measurement:57.2 x 36.5 x 55cm
-Gross Weight:26.8kgs
-Net Weight:25kgs

Folding Cane (XD-8024)

1. With a transparent PVC pouch

2. Folded size: 30cm ; Unfolded size: 93cm

3. Color: Black or brown

4. Handle can be used wood or plastic material

5. Aluminum grade: 6061


*Packing details
-Packed in PVC bag
-Measurement:53 x 31 x 36cm
-Gross Weight:17.5kgs
-Net Weight:16.5kgs

TV Screen Magnifier (GE-31D)

For TV screen of 20" to 26", the size of the magnifier is 61 x 48cm


*Packing details
-Packed in mail order box
-Gross Weight:17.0kgs
-Net Weight:15.0kgs